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Retention is the process of keeping your teeth straight following successful orthodontic treatment

When orthodontic treatment has been completed there is a great tendency for the teeth to move out of position again. Teeth continue to move throughout your life and your teeth usually become more crooked as you get older.

Retainers are provided to prevent movement of your teeth when your orthodontic treatment has been completed. 

There are two types of retainer provided to keep your teeth in their new positions, removable retainers and fixed retainers.

1.) Removable Retainers

These should be worn all of the time for the first  6 months. After this initial period the retainers should be worn every night.

If you do not wear your retainers every night your teeth will move.

Removable retainers are taken out for meals, toothbrushing, contact sports and swimming.

Your retainers may be made with dental acrylic and wires, these are called Hawley retainers

You may be given clear retainers as a private patient because they are far less conspicuous..

Your orthodontist will decide which type of retainer is best for your teeth.

If you cannot wear your retainer for any reason, please contact to doctor immediately


2.) Fixed Retainers

These are fitted behind the front teeth to prevent relapse of spacing or significant rotations.

Fixed retainers are an additional benefit for patients who have chosen to have private orthodontic treatment. You should avoid biting into very hard foods that may damage them.